Production Workflow Features

Unlimited Users

When you purchase Production Mill, there are no restrictions placed on the number of users who can use it. As your organisation grows, Production Mill grows with it, at no extra cost.

Tracking and Scheduling

Add milestone dates to all work-in-progress to keep track of your projects. An at-a-glance view keeps you on-top of scheduling and delivery. Notifications warn when a milestone is due or has been missed.


Users control the types of notifications they receive on a granular level and set up notifications for specific events they might be interested in. Notifications can be delivered by email, in-browser or both.

Capture All Metadata

Use out-of-the box asset types and descriptive metadata fields to get going, or customise by creating your own fields and asset types to ensure you capture your unique production process.

Create Your Own Workflows

Use one of the supplied approval, costing or clearance workflows or if your organisation has complex workflow needs, create your own with features like parallel branches and majority approval.

Reports & Spreadsheets

One-click reporting to track the progress of all productions or customise them to manage your own unique KPIs. Create reports to allow the automatic generation of post-production paperwork.

Digital Asset Management Features

Store Any Media Type

Video, audio, music, images, documents - all these different media types can be uploaded and stored in Production Mill. Massive media files can be uploaded too.

Media Available Anywhere

Audio, music and video files can be played directly in a web browser or mobile device using the inbuilt Media Player. Images can be previewed with the image size and resolution always available for quick reference.

Automatic Thumbnails

All image media uploaded into Production Mill have thumbnail images automatically and immediately generated for them, even very large TIFF files.

Built-in Video Encoding

Using Microsoft Azure's Media Services, media stored in Production Mill can be automatically encoded to different resolutions and ratios, in multi and single bitrates and in stereo or 5.1 sound

Powerful Search

The powerful search feature can index assets' metadata and documents, allowing users to even find assets by what is said in a film, if a transcript has been uploaded.


Create unlimited adhoc collections of assets that can be referenced, downloaded, or reused in a production at a later date. Mix and match media types in a single lightbox.

Copyright Management Features

Capture Rights-in

Capture and categorise all pieces of your suppliers' differing licensing agreements. From-to dates, invoice numbers, media-types, languages, distribution channels and countries can all be captured.

Multi-layered licenses

Create and manage complex licensing terms where a single asset can have many different agreements covering different media-types, expiry dates, languages, distribution channels and countries.

Create Licensing Templates

Speed up the process of logging the licenses you have acquired by creating pre-populated templates for common suppliers, or commonly used licensing terms.

Protect Against Legal Risk

Flag missing licensing agreements as part of the approval workflow and easily see where licensing is missing from in-production media. Get warning notifications of soon-to-expire license agreements.

Secure Rights Area

Limit who can see contracts and other types of sensitive data by only allowing individual users or groups to view the types of file you deem as commercially sensitive.

Store Correspondences

Keep correspondences with suppliers safe and together in one secure location. File permissions can limit what users or groups can view the correspondences to ensure they remain protected..

About Production Mill

Production Mill is the multi-award winning cloud-based system, built for all members of your production teams to plan, commission, track, create and deliver great content.

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