The All-In-One system for Media Production

Production Mill lets everyone in your media teams commission, plan, track and deliver great content together

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Streamline your media production workflow. Use our workflow templates or create your own workflows to match your unique production processes.

Rights Management

Rightswave, our simple-to-use Rights Management System, is included. Your team can track the licensing rights for all 3rd party content used in your output.

Digital Asset Management

Finding and repurposing existing content is easy with the in-built Digital Asset Management system. Upload, index, search and view any type of media.

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The Open University Case Study

Read the full case study to learn how over 900 staff at the Open University use Production Mill to manage the production of over 10,000 pieces of media a year.

Introducing Production Mill

Production Mill is our powerful but simple-to-use flagship SaaS solution, used by companies and educational institutions to plan, manage and deliver their media projects. It provides an engaging, collaborative environment for all personnel involved in the media production process.

As one seamless solution, Production Mill provides workflow, digital asset management, rights management and project management functionality in an easy-to-use, award-winning, cloud-based package.

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Who is Production Mill for?

Production Mill is designed for all creative industries and designed to manage the creation of any type of media output.

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and Colleges, MOOC and online course providers.

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of magazines, books and educational supplements.

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TV Companies

and independent production companies.

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Movie Studios

and independent movie production companies.

No Hardware Procurement or Setup Required

Production Mill runs in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, so you don't have to setup anything technical. No extra hardware needs to be procured through your IT department and there are no upgrades or versions to manage. If everyone in your group has a web browser, then they already have everything they need to start using Production Mill.

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About Production Mill

Production Mill is the multi-award winning cloud-based system, built for all members of your production teams to plan, commission, track, create and deliver great content.

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