How Production Mill Works

Production Mill
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Production Mill keeps your whole media production process organised in one central place

Learn how Production Mill works by watching our series of short introductory videos that show its main features at each stage of a typical production process.

Commissioning & Pre-Production

Milestones, Dates and Project Tracking

Keep on top of all commissions and media going through your production process. Get notifications when milestones have been missed and track progress with colour codes and status labels.

Generate Commissioning Contracts

Working with external production companies? Production Mill automates the generation of commissioning contracts. Customisable forms can capture the exact legal information you need and support for stage-payments allow flexible payment terms to be entered.


Log All Copyrighted Material

A central location for your content creators to log the contributors, music, images and any other type of copyrighted material that appear in your output. Upload supporting documents and track the exact timecodes where they appear in your output.

One-Click Producton Paperwork

Using the powerful Production Mill reporting functionality, production and post-production paperwork can be generated at a touch of a button.

Rights Management - IP & 3rd Party Licensing

Capture Multi-Layered Rights-In

Log and report on the rights that you have licensed for 3rd party copyrighted material. Multi-layered rights allow you to log different licensing agreements for the same 3rd party asset.

Save Time With Rights Templates

Save time entering common licensing terms. License a lot of images from Getty? Add a template. Use the CLA license frequently? Add a template. One-click licensing with templates makes licensing a breeze.

Asset Discovery & Reuse

Digital Asset Management in the Cloud

Upload, search and view assets in your organisation's media library. Our powerful asset search even allows you to find asset via documents attached to media files, such as film transcripts.

Find & Reuse Assets = Budget Saved

It's simple to find and reuse any media that's been added previously. With 2 clicks, content creators can add already purchased media into their own productions.

Media Delivery

Any File, Any Size - With Auto-Encoding

Upload any media type you work with, even massive media files are no problem. Encode Audio/Video files into other formats using the power of Microsoft Azure Media Services.

Attach Supporting Material

Keep everything in one place. Add invoices, email correspondences and contracts with suppliers, safe in the knowledge that only the users you allow will see those sensitive types of file.

Approval Workflows

Choose a workflow, or make your own

There are out-of-the-box workflows for costing assets, clearing assets and approval workflows. Customise them or create your own to match your own unique processes.

Integrate with your other systems

There is a full API to allow integrations with your organisation's other systems. Webhooks allow you to send messages to other systems to continue a workflow outwith Production Mill.

About Production Mill

Production Mill is the multi-award winning cloud-based system, built for all members of your production teams to plan, commission, track, create and deliver great content.

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